Review Questions

1) How does the government’s initial neglect of this issue parallel its response to other pressing societal issues studied in this class?

2) How did the diagnoses of celebrities affect the overall awareness of AIDS and hurry the process of finding a cure?

3) How does Madonna’s including of “The Facts About AIDS” in each CD of Like a Prayer reflect a change in perception about the disease?  

4) What has been the role of the music industry in raising awareness of AIDS and empathy for its victims?

5) In what ways did the AIDS epidemic change the public’s perception of the gay community?

6) How did the death of Hollywood icon Rock Hudson change prior beliefs about the AIDS epidemic and who it could affect?

7) How does An Early Frost portray the treatment of those diagnosed with AIDS?  Does this seem realistic in light of what you have read?  
8) What steps were taken to raise awareness about AIDS?  Were these steps effective?  Why or why not?